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IQRA School started its journey in 1989, in a small village called Murdeshwar, with our first batch comprising of just 28 students. Its hails back to the times when no individual ever dreamed of building an English medium school. But, it is rightly started that, there is a silver lining in every cloud. Even in an environment so conservation, Mr.Mohsin jukka , Mr.Ubaidullah Hagalwadi and few others came up with a noble idea and began a journey to set up a quality academic institution. They had only one vision, which was the work for the betterment for the children and to redesign the society with quality education. It was with these awakening thoughts that IQRA school was established. IQRA is the first English schools to seek permission from the government of Karnataka in Murdeshwar. Although they face many challenges & hurdles, it was with their efforts, dedication and commitment that they were able to over come all difficulties and gain success in their purpose. IQRA in its fancy, the school reaches to its milestone. Over the years there has been lateral expansion and vertical growth. IQRA has growth to such level with a redefined thinking that is unmatched. It has learned to adapt to the changing environment and technology with introduction of the first smart classes and also maintains a standard to deal with a demand from the community in murdeshwar.

IQRA has traveled long from the days of yore. The ship has sailed through different islands of experience, touched shores of understanding and surfed with the waves crested with the success and achievement and trough of navigation. Passing through time of different hues has given strength to the institution. We revel as IQRA enters in the 25th years the process ahead is in continuum. There are miles to go and miles to go.....

We being the first batch of IQRA have great privilege, and are glad to have associated with the school since we birth. We are proud to be a part of IQRA and it journey and are fortunate to have witnessed the school’s growth. We owe a sincere gratitude to the management who has taken all the pain and strain to establish this institution. Also we are grateful to all those wonderful teachers for molding our characters so beautifully that eventually not only given a better shape to us but also to the society. Today we are successful professionals, most of us holding key international posts in different parts of the world. Our success is without a doubt attributable to our solid educational foundation at IQRA English school. We are not sure what future hold for us, but one thing we all are assured off is that the skills, character, moral and faith that is needed to be a successful in life has been instilled in is in our roots that emerged in IQRA.

We sincerely congratulate IQRA English school for completing 25years and take opportunity to thank all the member Al-Iman Educational Trust for giving us an opportunity to study in a first ever-English medium school in murdeshwar. Our best wishes for a wonderful celebration. We wish you well for the future and thank you for valuable contributions. Celebrating 25th anniversary is not only a time of immense pride and happiness, but also a time to look forward to the greater heights we are bound to achieve given our wonderful teachers and support system. We wish IQRA for more and more year of success in future.

With wishes from,

First batch

Affan chamundi , Farhan Kadpdimani , asif Hajiian , Haziq kochebapu , Tousif manna , Assad Khattal , Taha Damda , Arshad Nilgiri , Raiyan Gaima , Nasrullah Gangawali , Umair Manna , shadab Damda, Sameer Saifullah , Reehan Dabapu , Saqib Manna , Muez Gangawali , Tufail Shingati , Samiullah Tammu , Tausif Vallki , Taseef Vallki , Saqib Malpa , Usama Gawda Mithun Ratan , Jagdish Shetty , Tameem Bidchol , Arshad & Tahir.

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