✓    Makeup is not the beauty secret of a woman


Nothing would beautify her more than shyness,

Nothing would make her face bright more than Taqwa,

Nothing would make her get people respect more than purity,

Nothing would raise her status more than chastity,


“Real beauty is found in the pure soul of a Muslimah”.

✓    Having knowledge of your deen is good for you, But living that knowledge is best for you, You could give your children all the things in this Dunya, but ,if you are not giving them Deen then you are not giving them anything to all.

✓    Whatever happens to you, don’t fall in the despite, even if all  the doors are closed, a secret path will be there for you that no one knows. You can’t see it yet but so many paradises are at the end of this path be grate full. It is easy to thank after obtaining what I thank before having what you want.

✓    We humans are weak, but our (Dua) prayers are Powerful, It gives strength to

✓    our soul, Brings shine to life and hope for success. When you smile to your brother’s face it is charity…so keep smiling it is Sunnah

. ✓   When all the doors seem to be closed in front of you look QURAAN. There will surely be a window opened enlightening you with new hopes & guidance.

✓           Islam is perfect but I am not. If I make a mistake, blame it on me, not on my religion.

✓    Sajdah kills ego & pride, makes you humble and kind and will take you Jannah & leads you right way of life.

✓    Islam is a religion of peace & tolerance. If you want to learn about Islam, go  study Islam, don’t study the Muslims.

✓    When you are in light, everything will follow you, But when you enter in Dark  even your own shadow will not follow you.

✓    We often wonder why we didn’t get what we want, But we need to realize that

ALLAH keeps something away in order to give us something “Better”.

✓    A tear that falls from an eye for the fear of ALLAH is indeed small But it is strong enough to remove….The sins equal to the size of the sea… Subhan’Allah.

✓    Be careful about your thoughts when you are alone & be careful about your words when you are in a crowed.

✓    Being religious& pious doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy Dunya. In fact Allah ordered us to enjoy his blessings but without disobeying him.

✓    If your heart is attached to the world, you will often find yourself worrying. If your heart is attached to Allah, He will ease all your worries.

✓    A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life.

✓           Your problems are not bigger than you because you have the Power of Dua to survive from it.

✓    When you say “ALLAH HU AKBAR” with every movement in Salaah , It’s reminder that he is the Greatest king & you are only a beggar at his door.

Dear Mothers

  • Don’t teach your daughter how to dance, teach her how to perform Salaah.
  • Don’t teach her how to sing, teach her how to recite Quraan.
  • Don’t beautify her with make-up but with the Hijaab
  • Don’t give her immoral movies to watch instead tell her the stories of the prophets and the sahaaba and inspire her to follow Sunnah.
  • Don’t let her role model be a celebrity/singer, But the prophet mohammad (pbuh) & his wives.
  • Your children are your means to earn continues rewards even after your death….or a means to earn continues sins. So please be extremely careful what you teach them.

And Fathers be partners in this endeavor, be by your wives side in implementing & accomplishing this lofty.

******* *

There are no any words as beautiful as ALLAH

No example person as best as Rasullullah

No lesson as beautiful as ISLAM

No songs as melodious as ADHAN

No charity as meaningful as ZAKAT

No encyclopedia as perfect as AL-QURAAN

No exercise as perfect as SALAAH

No diet as perfect as fasting

No journey as perfect as HAJJ

Let’s realize that ISLAM is ever beautiful package of Life.

Rafiya Taiseer Qazi

Teacher, lqra English Medium School,


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