The Golden Years

The school lqra English Medium is one of the reputed schools in Murdeshwar, which was established in 1989 and now it has completed its 25 years. On this occasion of its silver jubilee, I would like to share some of my memories I had in this school. I have spent half of my life in this school. I have seen our school’s fast development, it is only possible because of our management’s hard work and love for education. So I am very grateful to them.

I am very lucky to be a student as well as teacher in the same school. I have spent my twelve years in this school as a student. When I was a student, the school had a different face compared to what it is now. There was no English medium school in Murdeshwar except our school. Now the school has much bigger infrastructure. The system of educating the students has also changed from just black board to smart classes. Even if the technology was not so advanced at that time, our management tried to provide us all the facilities. After completing my secondary education I had to leave this school with all those great memories. When I completed my education, I was appointed as a teacher in my school. I was very happy when I got the job in the school which helped to become what I am now.

The day when I first entered the school I was surprised to see the so much development, it was completely changed. Big infrastructure, play ground, well equipped lab, library with many valuable books and enormous amount of increased strength. Even though it was my first day, I never felt it is new to me because of the friendly welcome of all the teachers and all the teachers are so kind that they take care of students like their own children and they help and guide the students in their each and every step. Being a teacher myself, I learned a lot of things from my co-teachers and they never made me hesitate to ask if I fall into any problem. I am very glad to work here with senior teachers who are supportive and sportive as well. Here we all are like a family and I feel this school is like my home. I wish to work here sincerely and serve this school till I will be in service and make this school a role model in Murdeshwar. As it is said “education is that powerful weapon which can even change the world” and our school is looking forward to make it possible.

Fauqiya Sadaf Manna

Teacher lqra English Medium School


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