How can I express my delightful feelings about our management members. Even though I try to decorate the page with few words.


The founder of lQRA English Medium School and president. He is one of the superior person by his spontaneous work. It is happy to tell about him that he is different from others. Let’s know. Generally we see that we all live for us but he lives for all by opening a school. That is lqra English Medium School in Murdeshwar in 1989.This is the very first attempt made by him opening a English medium school in a small village like Murdeshwar.

It was his ambition to make the people of Murdeshwar well civilized and good cultured by providing  good education. He thought that this is possible only by education and opened a school in rural area. Opening a school and running the school is not easy task. It is a close relationship between the tendril pupils and their activities. After opening a school he spent his whole life service for the school along with team. Even though he lives in Shimoga he spends three days of the week in Murdeshwar and three days in Shimoga or in Bombay. It is his honest duty to spend the part of income to the school expense. See he is so great ! We hesitate to give Rs.2 to the beggars. Really he is different from others. Now a days opening a school become a business to make profit by taking costly fees. It is little different in his school. He takes less fees than other school. Because of his kindness and generosity many students got free education in this school. No school provided this facility. The parents who humbly requested him for reduction of fees he never disappointed them. These all heavy burdens were bore by himself. He is the person, dare and devil, courageous kind and generous. He is very firm while taking decision. He is able to solve the tough problems within a minute very easily and calmly. He is always kind to the staff members and students, As a president of the school he never shown dictatorship over the staff members. He talks very nice and gently. He always advises smoothly. Even the father may rage on us but not he. Really I am proud of him. He is always struggling for the school. He breathes every breath for the school. He could avoid the personal work but not the school work. Now he has planned for the one more project that is building for the PRAYER HALL IN THE SCHOOL. Already the construction work is going on by the grace of great mighty Allah and of his dare. This work should be completed with the great help and co-operation of parents and public. I hope that our parents and people will co-operate him in completing this project.


He is also one of the important and great spirit of our school management. We can say that he is the twinkling star of our school. He is aged 70 .I am very sorry to say that he is a heart patient. He forgets his ill health and active like youngsters and healthy person. He stays in Bangalore and always present with our school activities without fail. He is a good thinker, guide, philosopher always trying to carry this school towards the path of progress. He always guides the teacher and students and also kind and good to all by his pureness. I express that it is our fortune to get such a good person in the management committee. Simultaneously I pray the god to bless him good health and long life and make him to stay with us for long time as a shining diamond.


A marvelous and rare personality, ever smiling and calm face. Decency is the crown of his conduct. So let us know shortly about him. By profession he is a doctor. He renders his valuable service in U.A.E. Even though he is serving in the abroad he is spending his income for the Indians especially for the lQRA English Medium School; One can go to abroad to earn for his family or to serve for his relatives but he is different from others. He spends his part of monthly salary for the school. Just think is it possible to us? No never ! Do we spend our salary for others? No ! So he is the man, by his deed he secured a place in the heart of Allah and near to is his desire to live for the anybody suggested him to do this job? is his desire. Let us try to live like him as selfless person and secure a place in the heart of by god living like him.


Article by: Manjula.N.Naik.

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