India, this is a country where culture would lies from houses to the streets. Earlier there was caste system and the lower castes were not allowed to enter the schools. Later caste system was discarded and boys would get education and the girls would be in the house doing the work. Then slowly government introduced new schemes as free education for girls, to make India a literate India. Then those Indians who got literate and well educated tried to develop the society, medicine, science etc… They put their full efforts to change India but as we all know Indians play the crab game, they don’t want others to do something good or neither they do something good for the society. Today in 2013 we can see that India is under the developing country and some have put the plans of 2020. I don’t know what will happen, but i know what has happened, and what is happening.

As i am writing on the culture of India the culture was good those days before Britisher’s arriving India, but now after we having freedom from the British, we Indians started adopting the western culture even then we haven’t reached to their level. Just by adopting other cultures living ours doesn’t mean that we are developed, and even by one person we can’t achieve development, it should be the contribution of all Indians. We hear that our computer has been attacked by virus, in the same way our whole Indian system has got virus. Formatting our computer is bit easy, but formatting our country once again is a big challenging task. I am not saying it’s impossible. But its bit difficult because in our computer we have only one hard disk of a particular size but in India there are crores of hard disks. People know what right and what’s wrong. But even then they go wrong either forcefully by some of the ruling parties or by unknowingly. And if any one makes a move on the right path he is made to disappear from this country.

Today there is no value for the truth, a man who follows truth and loyalty will be here in that position, and a man who cheats, lies, and do all illegal things reaches the moon. Why? This shall because of those who just watch and keep quiet, as if they don’t belong to this human kind. As per humanity we are all the same, no one is rich nor poor, and all belong to one religion hats the religion of humanity. It will be too late till every one understand me and my writings, by the time i will be help full. People even laugh when i tell them what happening is not right, it’s my duty to save you all from drowning. But if you want to drown it’s your wish i can’t help you all further. So, today let’s compare India, not with the western countries.

As they are too far away from us we shall see what is. India with respect to our neighboring countries that’s China. As we all know that today most of the products are China made why? Indian products getting exported to different countries is very less compared to the products getting imported from other countries.

Written by:-

Danish Shaikh

S/O Nisar Ahmed Shaikh


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