INDIA is a country which suffered around 200 years for the freedom and finally got freedom from some of our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Lakshmi bal etc… and today India is free but Indians are not, then we say that India has got freedom what freedom we Indians have got just for the namesake. The word freedom lies in this country .All Indians depend on others for everything and when some people try to do something good or change the bad with good the rest people in spite of supporting they either harass them or torture them not to do Indians don want India to be developed and these people are none but those who are ruling India today.”Those were the days man would sacrifice his life for the sake of thousands of people, but today for his survival he kills thousands of people” Everyone has become selfish today they are not even remembering that the life is shorthand temporary. we came empty hands and will go empty hands even then they are behind the money, wealth, gold etc ..

There are some things which have been improved or improving but the mentality of the Indians will never improve. I am not able to understand how to make people understand about hats right and wrong if I start saying people they start calling me mad but I don’t care, I have been taken birth on the motherland, that’s India. it is said that around 500 years ago gold, silver and diamonds were thrown as it was mud so rich country it was but Indians only made it poor today by supporting the British and Portuguese and all those who arrived India. Today all departments are same. not a single dept is working properly take the justice room that is court judges are corrupt and the people who are in need of justice will not get it till their death and the criminal will move freely in the market because of money power shame on the lady of justice, by such activities by the judges we have lost the hope of justice from Indian courts, shameful act if we look the police dept they too are the same, if middle class man commits a crime he will be punished but if the same crime is done by the rich man its ignored by corrupting them there is no equality among Indians, they are categorizing Indians on the basis of money There are many such examples to say but know if i go on writing such things you will not read and will be bored and people they don’t want to read such things which is necessary and which can change the world but they would like to read the stores which are imaginary and love etc i am not criticizing those things but at the same time humans should give importance to what has happening and what should be done There are only few people who think of change, and rest instead of at least supporting them they don’t care their values but we will be doing our work without saying anything i am sure there are only few who are really thinking as i the way of their thinking may be different but the topic may be same so “the ocean can be made by adding drops” there are many people who raised their voice for the sake of our country against those who are destroying and at last they were killed. i don’t fear them but i need those who see and keep quite to raise their voice against the evils happening around India or else it’s very difficult to keep the word humanity in our dictionary for the future, our future generation will never know what’s humanity.


Writen by

Zishan sheikh

S/O Nisar Ahmed Shaikh


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